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Native Bee Hotel Workshop

In this workshop we’ll make homes for native, solitary bees. Not all bees live in enormous hives like honey bees; there are approximately 1,600 different species of bee in California, and most of them are solitary! We’ll learn some fun facts about these gentle little creatures, including how they live, their life cycles and why they are such amazing pollinators. We’ll also discuss how to place reeds and branches in the home as well as where to place the hotel to best ensure the success of your native bees.

This workshop can be customized in the following ways:

  • Up-Cycled Hotel - use up-cycled materials or decorate our creations with paint, yarn, or natural accents.

  • Donate Hotels - donate your native bee hotels to a local school or non-profit organization to support pollinators.

Best For:

Small Groups

Station at Event

Offered In:

San Diego County

San Francisco Bay Area

Greater Los Angeles Area

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