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Sager Family Farm encourages children to develop a love for learning, curiosity about the natural world, and to apply project-based lessons to real world applications. Our elementary school lessons bring learning to life and spark interest in STEAM fields through hands-on, engaging activities.

Our farm is designed to provide "reverse field-trips" where we bring the critters into the classroom. It is actually much easier to get 5,000 bees in a box than 24 children onto a bus, especially when you take into account the cost, chaperones, transportation, loss of instructional time, and permission slips required for a traditional field trip. This model allows us to provide more equitable access to formative, hands-on experiences.

Since the founding of Sager Family Farm in 2015 through the end of June 2023, our flagship Big Buzz About Bees program has visited a total of 633 classrooms and has presented to 14,402 students throughout the state of California.

Thanks to the generous support of our partners, we're able to provide our program throughout California in the San Francisco Bay Area, Greater Los Angeles Area, and San Diego County.


Thanks to the generous support of our partners, we're able to provide equitable access to our programming throughout California.


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