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Distance Learning

Learn from us from your own home! We have lots of options for classes, activities, and at-home projects. Contact us with questions.

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Mini Farm Lessons

We have lots of 2-5 minute videos about different farm topics on our YouTube channel. You can create your own playlist to create a custom lesson plan, or contact us or comment on our videos to suggest a new topic!


Digital Lessons

We have recorded our live digital lessons, so you can watch them at home or with your class. Check out our Digital Lesson Library, or contact us to organize a live lesson for your student (or yourself!)


At-Home Projects

Want to take your at-home learning a step further? Our projects compile videos, worksheets, and resources into a project that students can explore at their own pace.

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Help your students solidify concepts they have learned by completing some of our complimentary lesson worksheets.

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