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Bring learning to life! We have a variety of ways to connect with students online, in person and with workshops. These classes and activities are great for classrooms, weekend outings, team building and corporate events. Contact us with questions, to schedule a class or to sign up for one of our upcoming events.

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Classroom Lessons

Bring critters into your classroom! These lessons and activities are an amazing way to bring learning to life. You'll see your students eyes light up as they apply the concepts they have learned in school to real world applications.

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Help your students solidify concepts they have learned by completing some of our complimentary lesson worksheets. We have a variety of worksheets on different topics for a range of ages, we're always adding new ones!


Virtual Learning

We have multiple ways to visit our farm digitally, from small topic 2 to 5 minute videos to digital versions of our favorite classroom lessons. To continue learning on your own, we even have Learning At Home Projects and worksheets so students can continue to explore topics on their own!


Urban Farm Classes

Want to take a visit to the farm? Come experience how are critters live on our 600 sq ft urban farm. From feeding our miniature sheep to inspecting the inside of a real beehive, you're sure to have an amazing experience.


Hands-On Workshops

Prefer crafts to critters? We've got you covered! Check out our hands-on workshops using products from our farm,

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