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Save the Bees

Save the Bees

Suggested Grade Level

2nd Grade - 5th Grade

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In this class, we'll discuss some of the reasons why bees are dying and examine some of the ways we can help bees in our community.

Topics Covered:

  • Why are bees important? How do we benefit from bees?
  • Why are bees dying.
  • We'll kick-off some at-home projects so we can further research the causes of the decline in bee populations and explore some of the ways you can help from home.

Learning Goals:

  • Reproduction is essential to the continued existence of everykind of organism. Plants and animals have unique and diverselife cycles. How do some plants rely on bees to reproduce?
  • When the environment changes in ways that affect a place’s availability ofresources, some organisms survive and reproduce, othersmove to new locations, yet others move into the transformedenvironment, and some die.
  • Plants and animals have both internal and externalstructures that serve various functions in growth, survival,behavior, and reproduction
  • Represent data in tables and various graphical displays(bar graphs, pictographs and/or pie charts) to revealpatterns that indicate relationships. (Through at-home projects)
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