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Hive Harvest

Hive Harvest

Suggested Grade Level

2nd Grade - 5th Grade

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Explore the science behind harvesting honey and beeswax. We'll examine states of matter and forces that help us harvest and process products from our hives.

Topics Covered:

  • How do bees turn nectar into honey

  • How does the beekeeper take honey out of the comb and put it into a jar

  • What states of matter can honey exist in? How can we change the states?

  • How can we process honeycomb into products we can use? What properties of wax help us process it?

  • What states of matter can wax exist in? How can we change the states?

Learning Goals:

  • Honey and beeswax can exist in different states: Solid and Liquid

  • Heating or cooling honey or beeswax cause changes that can be observed. Sometimes these changes are reversible, and sometimes they are not.

  • Different properties of honey and wax are suited to different purposes.

  • Being part of a group helps animals obtain food, defend themselves, and cope with changes.

  • Bees have both internal and external structures that serve various functions in survival and behavior.

  • Different sense receptors are specialized for particular kinds of information, which may be then processed by the bee's brain. Bees are able to use their perceptions and memories to guide their actions.

  • Observe how centrifugal force can help us harvest honey.

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