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Farm Fun Chickens

Farm Fun Chickens

Suggested Grade Level

Kindergarten - 2nd Grade

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Meet the chickens of Sager Family Farm! In this lesson we'll learn about all of the amazing things we get from the chickens on our farm and what we do to take care of them.

Topics Covered:

  • What We Get From Chickens (Eggs, Fertilizer, Meat)

  • What to Poultry Farmers Do? (care for the chickens, keeping them healthy, safe from predators)  

  • General Biology (what they eat, roosters vs. hens, egg production, change through the seasons)

Learning Goals:

  • Animals need food and shelter to survive. What does a chicken need to survive? How does a farmer help chickens?

  • What do chickens do in different seasons? When do they lay eggs? How are chickens different in the winter?

  • What do plants need to grow? How can a chicken help my plants?

  • Body parts of a chicken.

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