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Critter Tour & Chick Update

Critter Tour & Chick Update

Suggested Grade Level

Kindergarten - 2nd Grade

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Meet all of the critters on our farm and check in on our baby chicks, who are now 2 weeks old! We'll take a closer look at how the how the chicks have grown, the differences from last week, and how we are continuing to care for them.

Topics Covered:

  • A look at what the chicks are doing right now. How are they different from last week?
  • How does a mama hen (or in this case, the farmer) help the chicks?
  • Body parts of a chick.
  • Introduction to all of the animals on my farm.

Learning Goals:

  • Learn the life-cycle of a chicken. (Update on the currently life cycle stage)
  • How do parents help their offspring? How does the farmer help the chicks?
  • Body parts of a chick.
  • Examining similarities and differences
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