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Digital Classes

Many school districts are restricting field trips, onsite visitors, or recommending that students stay home. For Sager Family Farm, this means that we have had to cancel or reschedule most of our classroom visits for through the end of the school year. We are still striving to provide amazing experiences, and we'll be offering some interesting new lessons online!

Is this as good as a classroom visit?

Our digital lessons will be a bit different than our in-class visits. While we won't be able bring a live animal to the classroom like we usually do, we're excited to be able to show you things that we cannot bring to school! We'll be showing off our beehives, chicken coops, and even our sheep (who don't usually get to come into school with us)! Our lessons are designed for specific grade levels because we are focused on grade-specific learning goals, but all ages usually find our lessons entertaining and informative.


Customized Classes

If you don't see something that is the perfect fit - I’m happy to customize something for you. Reach out to us and let us know what you would like to see in our online classes!

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