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What is Big Buzz About Bees?

Big Buzz About Bees is an engaging, in-class experience that your students will love! We bring in all the parts of a working beehive so that the students can feel and see honeycomb and all of the tools that it takes to be a beekeeper. We also have an observation hive - this is a fully contained, portable beehive so that we can sneak a peek at worker bees caring for young larvae, making honey, and if we’re lucky, we may be able to spot the queen bee! At the end of the presentation, we’ll also get to taste the sweet rewards of beekeeping - honey harvested from our very own beehives! The presentation covers:


  • Where do we usually see bees? What are they doing?

  • How farmers use bees for pollination.

  • How bees live in the wild? With a beekeeper?

  • Castes - workers, drones, queens.

  • What bees do during different seasons.

  • Bee Products

  • *Honey Tasting (Honey Harvested by Sager Family Farm) * Due to Covid, we are currently not doing tastings.

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How does this fit in with our learning goals?

All of our lessons are connected to grade-level learning milestones (including Common Core and NGSS modules) and are an excellent way to bring learning to life while helping students solidify concepts like: Seasons, Insect Body Parts, How Parents Help Offspring, Geometry & Shapes, and even Counting by Tens.

What age range is the presentation for?

Big Buzz About Bees is designed for pre-k through 3rd graders, parents and teachers usually love it too. The content is easily adjustable to achieve the learning goals of your classroom.

What about class size?

This presentation works really well for up to 25 students so the class can stay hands-on and personal. I can accommodate larger groups if that works best for your classroom.


How long does it last?

The time is adjustable between 30 and 60 minutes to best fit your schedule.​


Customized Classes

If this is not the perfect fit - I’m happy to customize something for you. We can focus on certain aspects of bees to fit in to your curriculum better, or I have a wide variety of other classes to choose from!

What is the cost?

Please Contact Us for current pricing. We work with a number of public and private schools, we are happy to work with your PTA or district finance personnel to find a way to bring this great program to your school.

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