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Talks & Bespoke Events

Our team includes an incredibly knowledgeable and creative staff with backgrounds in engineering, beekeeping, and science education. We are happy to design a new workshop, talk or activity to fit your event.

Some topics we have spoken about in the past include:

  • Backyard Beekeeping (What You Need to Get Started)

  • All About Bees (CA Native Bees & Honey Bees)

  • The Buzz On Bees (Why Are Bees In Trouble)

  • Pollinator Paradise (How to Support Pollinators At Home)

  • Varroa Destructor (The Current Largest Threat To Honey Bees)

  • Honey Bee Products (What Can We Make From Beeswax)

  • Insect Engineers (Engineering Practices Based On Bee Behavior)

Best For:

Small Groups

Large Groups

Station at Event

Offered In:

San Diego County

San Francisco Bay Area

Greater Los Angeles Area

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