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Big Buzz About Bees Overview



All Ages


About the Course

Big Buzz About Bees is an engaging experience that children love! Everyone gets a chance to see and touch all the parts of a working beehive and learn about the tools that it takes to be a beekeeper. We’ll talk about how bees collect pollen and nectar and contribute to many of the foods and products we love. We’ll also explore the many jobs that the different types of bees do inside and out of the hive. The class wraps up with taking a peek inside of a real working hive (it’s completely contained safely behind plexiglass) so we can see real worker bees caring for young larvae, making honey, and if we’re lucky, we may be able to spot the queen bee! And of course, we’ll taste the sweet rewards of beekeeping - honey harvested locally at Sager Family Farm!

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